Neuzeit Instruments Quasar

Neuzeit Instruments Quasar, Eurorack Module, Binaural 3D audio mixer, Two audio inputs, each of which can be mixed to three signal paths Quasar 1, Quasar 2 and Center (each with an adjustable low-pass / high-pass), For each Quasar, signal position in the room (height, angle, distance), room component (room size and attenuation), envelope follower and modulation LFO are editable, 128 Storage location presets, Operation via OLED display, menu encoder and two encoders with LED rings, Level controls for input signal 1/2, Quasar 1/2, centre, stereo output and headphone output, Two assignable CV inputs, Two audio inputs and outputs, Stereo headphone output, Current consumption: 185mA (+12V) / 20mA (-12V), Width: 16 TE, Depth: 45 mm

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